Discover a more effective math learning experience


Video tutorials, whether recorded or live, are vital to students because they add another dimension to learning that makes a student's online education experience more efficient. These videos allow new parents and students to learn how to navigate the Learn ZOE board

Learn ZOE board is our very own proprietary platform to teach Math online. It is a collaborative board that replaces the traditional textbook with paper and pencil.

There are two setup options to use with our online math program:

  • The first one has 2 devices (for audio + video purposes). The first device will be used to launch the ZOEboard while the other device will be used for the video + audio Learn ZOE session.

  • The second option will be 1 device only. This setup can be used for audio-only Learn ZOE session. The ZOEboard and the audio-only session can be launched on one device simultaneously.

Create a Parent Account
and Add a Student

Having a parent and student account allows you to set up ZOE sessions. This video shows you the easy steps of creating a parent and student account.

Send a Message

All parent accounts have access to message support. Send us a message to update us of your child’s schedules or even school homework. Watch the video to learn how.

Start a Session

Find out how ZOE sessions are shown on your Learn ZOE dashboard. This video teaches you how easy it is to connect to the session call and the zoeboard.

Submit Homework

Our Zoe Homework feature fosters independent learning. This video shows you how to do your Learn ZOE homework on the zoe platform, as well as submitting your work.

Upload Files

Upload File is a learn ZOE feature that supports your chil with their school work. Send us the school work your child needs help with and we will make sure to include the topic on the next session for free. Watch the video to know how to upload files.

View Assessment Report

Assessment Report is an important onboarding process for all ZOE students. It gives us a better understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Assessment Reports are available in your account anytime for your review. Check out the video to know more.

View Session Report

Find out how your child’s ZOE session went through the session report. The session report shows the lesson taught during a ZOE session and how well your child did. This video shows you how to view the ZOE session report.

View Your ZOE Board

ZOE Boards used during the sessions are available for your review. Check the lessons and worksheets used during a session to give you more insight into your child’s progress. Find out how to view the ZOE Board with this video.

Preparing the best ZOE session for every student:

a. The ZOE curriculum is based on the State of Virginia Education System. How we work is comprehensive to make sure that each student learns according to how they will understand concepts best. One of the main goals of ZOE Instructors is to discover the learning style of a student during the first 3 ZOE sessions

b. A ZOE session may also be a tool to help students prepare for their math lessons in school. They may send pages of their school’s math books through ZOE’s Upload File feature. Drills will be based on the student's skill but ultimately targets the learning expectancy of their grade level. They may also send a school homework that he has done so that the ZOE Instructor may check the answers before it’s turned in to the school teacher. During sessions, they will take time to refresh on skills, they need to correct the wrong answers from the homework. That is how our math study guide works.